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Park List

List of all of our parks.

Park Name Address
Abercrombie Park Park St. N. & 38th Ave. N.
Albert Whitted Park 480 Bayshore Dr. SE.
Allendale Park Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. St. N. & 36th Ave. N.
Ann Drakeford Park 715 38th Ave. S.
Auburn Street Park Auburn St S. & 19th Ave S.
Azalea Park 1600 72nd St. N.
Bartlett Park 2000 7th St. S.
Bay Vista Park 4th St. S. & Pinellas Point Dr. S.
Baywood Park Beach Drive NE. & 6th Ave. NE.
Bear Creek Park 60th St. N. & 1st Ave. N.
Booker Creek Park 13th Ave. N. & 22nd St.
Boyd Hill Nature Preserve 1101 Country Club Way S.
Broadwaters Park 37th St. S. & 38th Ave. S.
Campbell Park 601 14th St. S.
Central Oak Park 3962 Dartmouth Ave. N.
Childs Park 4301 13th Ave. S.
Childs Park Linear 43rd St. S. & 10 Ave. S.
Clam Bayou Nature Preserve 4099 34th Ave. S.
Coconut Park 500 Sunset Dr. S.
Coffee Pot Riviera Coffee Pot Riviera NE.
Cook Park Cypress Way S. & Sunrise Dr. S.
Coquina Key Park 3595 Locust St. SE.
Crescent Lake Park 1320 5th St. N.
Crisp Park Poplar St. NE. & 35th Ave. NE.
Dell Holmes Park 2741 22nd St. S.
Demens Landing Park Bayshore Dr. S. & 2nd Ave. S.
Denver Park Ohio Ave. NE. & Denver St. NE.
Eaglecrest Lake Park 66th St. N. & 6th Ave. N.
Edgemoor Park 5801 Foch St. NE.
Elva Rouse Park North Shore Dr. NE. & 11th St. NE.
Enoch Davis Park 1111 18th Ave. S.
Flora Wylie Park 13th Ave. NE. & North Shore Drive NE.
Forrest Bluff Park 4th St. S. & 64th Ave. S.
Fossil Park 6635 Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. St. N.
Fountain of Youth 4th Ave. S. & 1st St. SE.
Franklin Heights Park Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. St. N. & 52nd Ave. N.
Gizella Kopsick Palm Arboretum 901 North Shore Dr. NE
Gladden Park 3918 32nd Ave. N.
Granada Terrace 23rd Ave. NE. & Coffee Pot Blvd. NE.
Grandview Park 6th St. S. & 39th Ave. S.
Harbordale Park 6th St. S. & East Harbor Dr. S.
Historic Round Lake Park 6th St. N. & 6th Ave. N.
Indian Mound Park Mound Place & Bethel Way S.
Jack Puryear Park 5701 Lee St. N.
Jamestown Park 1090 Burlington Ave. N.
Jorgensen Lake Park 37th St. N. & 9th Ave. N.
Jungle Prada DeNarvaez Park Park St. N. & Elbow Ln. N.
Katherine B. Tippetts Park 14th St. S. & Tampa Bay
Kiwanis Park 38th Ave. N. & 18th St. N.
Lake Maggiore Park 3601 Dr. Martin Luther King, JR St. S.
Lake Vista Park 1401 62nd Ave. S.
Lassing Park Beach Dr. SE. & 18th Ave. SE.
Leslee Lake Park 44th St. N. & 28th Ave. N.
Little Bayou Park 58th Ave. S. & 4th St. S.
Louise Lake Park 43rd St. & 20th Ave. N.
Lynch Lake Park 1780 70th Cir. N.
Mastry Lake Park 14th St. & 64th Ave. N.
Maximo Park 34th St. & Pinellas Point Dr. S.
Meadowlawn Park 73rd Ave. N. & 14th St. N.
Millennium Youth Playground 542 7th St. N.
Mirror Lake Park 5th St. N. & 3rd Ave. N.
Northeast Exchange Club Coffee Pot Park 1st St. & 31st Ave. NE.
Northeast Mini Park 955 62nd Ave. NE.
North Shore Park 901 North Shore Dr. NE.
North Straub Park 400 Bayshore Dr. NE.
Northwest Park 58th St. N. & 22nd Ave. N.
Palmetto Park 4th Ave. S. & 27th St. S.
Perry Bayview Community Playground 26th Ave. S. & 38th St. S.
Pinellas Point Park Amber Way S. & Manor Way S.
Pioneer Park Central Ave. & Beach Dr.
Pioneer Settlement 2900 31st St. S.
Playlot #1 7th Ave. S. & 21st St. S.
Playlot #2 19th St. S. & 11th Ave. S.
Playlot #3 18th St. S. & Patton Ave S.
Poynter Park 3rd St. S. & 9th Ave. S.
Queen Dennis Park 4129 22nd Ave. S.
Rio Vista Park Riverside Dr. N. & 80th Ave. N.
Riviera Bay Park 8131 Macoma Dr. NE.
Roberts Park 1246 50th Ave. N.
Roser Park 7th St. S. & 9th Ave. S.
Royal "Roy" Eden Community Playground 5th Ave. S. & 64th St. S.
Seminole Park 29th St. N. & 3rd Ave. N.
Sheffield Lake Park 49th St. & 23rd Ave. N.
Shore Acres Mini Park Bayou Grande Blvd. NE. & Chancellor St. NE
Shore Acres Park 4230 Shore Acres Blvd. NE.
Silver Lake Playlot 11th Ave. S. Between 13th St. S. & 14th St. S.
Snell Isle Park Snell Isle & Barrett Blvd. NE.
South Straub Park 198 Bayshore Dr. NE.
Spa Beach Park 615 2nd Ave. NE.
Sunhaven Lake Park 59th Way & 40th Ave. N.
Sunset Park Park St. & Central Ave.
Sylvia C. Boring Park 13th Ave. N. & 29th St. N.
Terry Tomalin Campground 2900 31st St. S.
Trailhead Park 3800 Fairfield Ave. S.
Tyrone Park Oxford St. & 17th Ave. N.
Unity Park 4th Ave. N. & 12th St. N.
Vinoy Park & Mole Bayshore Dr. NE. & 5th Ave. NE.
Walter Fuller Park 7891 26th Ave. N.
Westminster Community Playground 4th Ave. S. & 52nd St. S.
Wildwood Park 2650 10th Ave. S.
Williams Park 4th St. N. & 1st Ave. N.
Woodlawn Park 1450 16th St. N.