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Teen Arts, Sports and Cultural Opportunities (TASCO) Division provides exciting programs and opportunities, such as competitive recreational sports leagues, camps, special events, geared towards teens in grades 6 through 12 that promote positive youth leadership within our communities and throughout life. TASCO prides themselves on promoting good sportsmanship with a lot of fun while affirming positive learning experiences. Visit to learn more.

When school's out, we're in session!

Join us for full-day and seasonal camp programs during Pinellas County’s school’s out days at our Elementary School Before & After School Program.

Six Core Concepts

  1. Drug resiliency
  2. Community service
  3. Purposeful and meaningful activities and social opportunities
  4. Positive family interaction
  5. Educational and career development
  6. Adult role and leadership models

Protective Factors

Support and boundaries • Career development • Guidance throughout this critical stage in teens lives • Excellence in school • Certified teachers provided at every program site to promote school readiness • Learning strategies and homework assistance • Mobile laptops with internet access • Community involvement • Leadership skills • Positive peer socialization opportunities