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Cosponsored Events

What is a Cosponsored Event?

A cosponsored event is held by or for the benefit of a local nonprofit group.
The City celebrates events and welcomes you to be a part of our celebration! An average of 90 events take place in the City of St. Petersburg yearly. When you consider there are only 52 weeks in a year, we have a lot going on here.

To qualify as a cosponosred event, at least one of the following criteria must be met in addition to the event being held on City parkland:

  • There is an admission charge, AND/OR
  • There is selling/vending services, merchandise, food and/or drinks, AND/OR
  • Donations are solicited or accepted (including off-site or advanced donations) AND/OR
  • Alcohol is being served/sold

Are you interested in hosting a cosponsored event?

Take a moment to review the Cosponsored Handbook to learn more about the application and event planning process.

Cosponsored Handbook
Link is a PDF

After you've reviewed the handbook, complete the cosponsored event application and submit the application to the St. Petersburg Parks and Recreation Department's office for review and consideration.

Submit an Application

Submit the completed application by email or by mail to:

City of St. Petersburg
Parks & Recreation Department
c/o Lynn Gordon, Manager
1400 19th St. N.
St. Petersburg, FL 33713

To assist us with keeping our records current, if you are not the person responsible for completing the application, please forward this information and the Application to the appropriate person and provide us with that person’s contact information.

Contact Us

Have a question regarding the application process? Contact us.