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Rent Childs Park Recreation Center

Rental Information

Childs Park Recreation Center has a long tradition in the South St. Petersburg area for providing classes, youth and teen programs and a place to have social events. Our before school, after school, and summer camps focus on St. Pete Values, a set of values at the core of all of our programs for elementary through middle school youth. Take advantage of our new fitness center, dance room and kitchen facilities. If you are planning a baby shower, anniversary, wedding, corporate gathering, family reunion or any social event, you will find Childs Park Recreation Center and park is a great place to start.

Available to Rent

Room Types Weekday Rental Fees (hourly) Weekend Rental Fees (hourly)
Multipurpose Room 1
(70 max. occupancy)
$37.00 $57.00
Multipurpose Room 2
(70 max. occupancy)
$37.00 $57.00
Multipurpose Room 1 & 2
(50 max. occupancy)
$48.00 $68.00
(200 max. occupancy)
$67.00 $87.00

Rental Map

childsChilds Park RecreationCity of St. Petersburg*NOT TO SCALEEntranceDiscoveryRoomMulti-PurposeRoomGymnasiumComputerRoom