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Rent Gladden Park Recreation Center

Rental Information

Gladden Park Recreation Center is conveniently located in a beautiful 9 acre park that includes a picnic shelter, playground, shuffleboard courts, an outdoor lighted basketball court, and an outdoor fitness zone. The center house an air conditioned gymnasium, dance room, and one large room that can be divided into two smaller spaces.

Available to Rent

Room Types Weekday Rental Fees (hourly) Weekend Rental Fees (hourly)
Dance Room
(58 max. occupancy)
$37.00 $57.00
Multipurpose Room
(150 max. occupancy)
$48.00 $68.00
Multipurpose Room 1
(75 max. occupancy)
$37.00 $57.00
Multipurpose Room 2
(75 max. occupancy)
$37.00 $57.00
Discovery Room
(25 max. occupancy)
$18.00 $38.00
(200 max. occupancy)
$67.00 $87.00

Rental Map

gladdenGladden RecreationCity of St. Petersburg*NOT TO SCALEMulti-PurposeRoom 1Multi-PurposeRoom 2DanceRoomDiscoveryRoomKitchenGynasiumEntranceEntrance