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Rent J. W. Cate Recreation Center

Rental Information

J.W. Cate Recreation Center is a 20,447 sq. ft. facility funded with Penny for Pinellas dollars. The building has a competition size high school style gym, 4 program rooms and a large multi-purpose room, which can be divided into 3 smaller meeting rooms. Other features include offices, youth lockers, public restrooms and a full size kitchen. The program rooms are divided among teen activities, art programs, and before and after school programs and a variety of classes taught by professionals in their field.

Available to Rent

Room Types Weekday Rental Fees (hourly) Weekend Rental Fees (hourly)
Multipurpose Room
(193 max. occupancy)
$61.00 $81.00
Room 1
(62 max. occupancy)
$37.00 $57.00
Room 2
(69 max. occupancy)
$37.00 $57.00
Room 1/2
(131 max. occupancy)
$48.00 $68.00
Room 3
(62 max. occupancy)
$37.00 $57.00
(200 max. occupancy)
$67.00 $87.00

Rental Map

J. W. Cate RecreationCity of St. Petersburg*NOT TO SCALEGymnasiumRoom1Room3KitchenRoom2EntranceEntrance