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Rent Thomas 'Jet' Jackson Recreation Center

Rental Information

Thomas 'Jet' Jackson Recreation Center is home to our youth in the Wildwood Community. We offer before school, after school, and camps focusing on core values: Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Achievement, Teamwork and Self Discipline. Our TASCO Teen programs are one of the best programs in the nation for teens who want to stay focused on fun, learning and a bright future. If you are planning a special event of your own, why not have it at Thomas 'Jet' Jackson Recreation Center. We have a kitchen, multi-purpose room, gymnasium, and outdoor picnic shelters to suit your needs.

Available to Rent

Room Types Weekday Rental Fees (hourly) Weekend Rental Fees (hourly)
Multipurpose Room
(125 max. occupancy)
$48.00 $68.00
Multipurpose Room 1
(50 max. occupancy)
$24.00 $44.00
Multipurpose Room 2
(75 max. occupancy)
$37.00 $57.00
Room 4
(48 max. occupancy)
$24.00 $44.00
Gymnasium 1
(200 max. occupancy)
$67.00 $87.00
Gymnasium 2
(200 max. occupancy)
$67.00 $87.00

Rental Map

thomasjetjacksonThomas ‘Jet’ Jackson RecreationCity of St. Petersburg*NOT TO SCALEMulit-PurposeRoom 1Mulit-PurposeRoom 2GymnasiumGymnasiumGameRoomEntranceKitchen