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Rent Walter Fuller Recreation Center

Rental Information

Walter Fuller Park has four major service venues. First, the Park has playgrounds, picnic pavilions, baseball, soccer and football fields, two new outdoor Pickleball courts, tennis and basketball courts, a community pool and a lake with a surrounding nature trail. Secondly, the park is the host to the major event - The Green Thumb Festival. Thirdly, the Walter Fuller Recreation Center provides recreational classes, elementary and teen programs and leagues, indoor basketball, volleyball and pickleball courts and community rental rooms. Finally, the Park's ability to host quality family events makes it unique. Dog Shows and dog parks, birthday parties, nature walks, High School Cross Country meets and community picnics are some just to name a few. Walter Fuller Park has truly become a complete recreational destination.

Available to Rent

Room Types Weekday Rental Fees (hourly) Weekend Rental Fees (hourly)
Room 1
(25 max. occupancy)
$18.00 $38.00
Room 2
(25 max. occupancy)
$18.00 $38.00
Room 3
(130 max. occupancy)
$48.00 $68.00
(200 max. occupancy)
$67.00 $87.00

Rental Map

walterfullerWalter Fuller RecreationCity of St. Petersburg*NOT TO SCALEEntranceGymnasiumDiscoveryRoomRoom 3Room 1